·       Step 1: Synergy Foam includes an Energy Evaluation performed by HomePro Inspections. HomePro Inspections will come to your home and perform an independent review of your home, showing you where and how your energy is being consumed, and steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption.

·       Step 2: Synergy Foam removes all existing insulation in your attic.  There are no exceptions. By removing all of the existing insulation, Synergy Foam is able to fully get into the cracks and crevices in your attic and completely seal the attic from the outside air!  When the existing insulation is left behind, you run the risk of trapping moisture, dust and left behinds from rodents and insects in your attic, which is now being circulated in your home because the Spray Foam Insulation seals your attic from the outside air.

·       Step 3: Synergy Foam installs the Spray Foam Insulation in your home.  We use our own employees who have been trained in the proper installation of Spray Foam Insulation.  We take the time to make sure that your attic or crawl space is completely sealed from outside air.

·       Step 4: We provide “The OWL” wireless energy monitor for “Savings you can see!”  The OWL can be installed in your home and will allow you to see exactly where your energy is being consumed.  Turn off a light, and instantly, “The OWL” will show the reduced energy usage.  Take it around your home and see the savings!

·       Step 5: Synergy Foam has EVERY Spray Foam Insulation project inspected by an independent 3rd party.  HomePro Inspections will come back to your home and use thermal imaging, as well as other advanced inspection techniques to check to make sure your attic is sealed properly.  Synergy Foam is always on site during this inspection, and we will address any issues that may be found!  Both Synergy Foam and HomePro Inspections will stay until the Spray Foam Insulation is installed properly!

By following the steps above, Synergy Foam can guarantee energy savings in your home!  We welcome you to compare Synergy Foam to the other contractors in our area!  We have developed a Spray Foam Contractor Comparison Sheet for you to use.  Please Click Here or choose the Compare Spray Foam Contractors link on the right to download the form of 10 questions that you need to know about your spray foam contractor.