The Spray Foam Advantage

Compared to a fiberglass insulated home, a home insulated with spray foam will perform better by:

  • Helping your home maintain consistent temperature distribution
  • Improving sound quality and reducing outside noise pollution
  • Lowering utility bills
  • Reducing moisture
  • Holding up better against severe weather conditions
  • Helping you maintain an eco-friendly home
  • Increasing your potential for a higher resale value
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Why us?

Synergy Foam is a fully licensed and insured spray foam installer and will provide you with the most professionally installed spray foam on the market. We specialize in both open and closed cell forms of spray foam. Whether you have an existing home or planning to build, give us a call.
We offer free consultations and estimates on any size structure.

Synergy Foam installs an environmentally friendly advanced alternative to the conventional types of insulation. Spray foam will not move, settle, shrink, or dissolve.

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Synergy Foam’s spray insulation seals your home by expanding into crevices and blocking any air infiltration. This allows your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment to run more efficiently, ultimately prolonging the life of your HVAC unit as well as adding significant savings to your energy bills each month.

Lower energy bills = less impact on the environment and more money in your pocket.

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Synergy Foam Products

When considering a spray foam supplier, the owners of Synergy Foam agreed that their choice would be made with the consumer in mind. After several conversations with Manufacturing Suppliers and Technical Representatives. Here are a few reasons why we chose our Spray Foam supplier: Synergy Foam is a certified spray foam installer. In addition to Synergy Foam’s quality assurance program, we proudly participate in many Spray Foam suppliers Quality Assurance Program. This programs ensures the highest standards are met when it comes to the installation and representation of  spray foam insulation products.

– It is manufactured in the United States, in Arlington Texas.  Many of the main spray foam suppliers manufacture their products outside of the United States.

Our Spray Foam has one of the lowest smoke development indexes.  Our open cell has a smoke index of around 250, whereas most spray foam suppliers smoke index is 450.  This means that in the event of a fire, the spray foam insulation in your home would release half as much smoke as the other brands that are installed in the market.

Our spray foam insulation is a solution compared to other manufacturers spray foam that is an emulsion.  This simply means the foam has a better shelf life, better adhesion, and less chance for errors during the install.

Synergy Foam has local representatives in your market, available to answer any questions that you may have about their products, and about any of the certified installers that are in your area.

Our Spray Foam is GREENGUARD Certified for Children and Schools.  This shows a commitment to indoor air quality.






Frequently Asked Questions


Does closed cell provide any structural value?

Yes.  A roof system with closed cell spray foam insulation does exhibit superior racking strength.

Does open cell trap moisture?

No.  Open cell is considered ”breathing” foam.  Any moisture in the concrete or wood can escape through the insulation as the building dries out, thus eliminating any risk of mold or mildew.

Will spray foam change physically over time?

No.  Once the spray foam reaction is complete, you are left with an inert cellular plastic.  Spray foam insulation will not shrink, settle, or sag.

Will open cell foam absorb water in the event of a leak?

Yes, open cell will absorb water, but the water will migrate out onto the ceiling.  Once the leak is repaired, the open cell foam will dry itself out with no need of replacement.

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