Spray Foam
Insulation Benefits

Go Green. Save Green.

Synergy Foam’s spray insulation seals your home by expanding into crevices and blocking any air infiltration. This allows your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment to run more efficiently, ultimately prolonging the life of your HVAC unit as well as adding significant savings to your energy bills each month. Lower energy bills = less impact on the environment and more money in your pocket.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

With Synergy Foam’s spray insulation your home will be sealed from the inside, creating an airtight barrier resulting in significantly reduced dust, dirt, pests, allergens, mold and pollutants from entering and disrupting your indoor living environment and air quality.

Strengthen Your Home

Synergy Foam’s spray insulation strengthens the structural integrity of your home by filling in all gaps and spaces and by adhering to studs, sheetrock, joists, floors and ceiling voids. Synergy Foam’s spray insulation will not move, settle, shrink or dissolve.

Added Comfort

Synergy Foam’s spray insulation creates an airtight barrier keeping your home consistently cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Spray insulation also reduces outside noise by absorbing sound coming from the outdoors and limits the creaking noises your home makes by sealing cracks and gaps.

Compared to a fiberglass insulated home, a home insulated with spray foam will perform better by:

  • Helping your home maintain consistent temperature distribution,
  • Improving sound quality and reducing outside noise pollution,
  • Lowering utility bills,
  • Reducing moisture,
  • Holding up better against severe weather conditions,
  • Helping you maintain an eco-friendly home,
  • Increasing your potential for a higher resale value.