Good morning everyone!  Summer is here in Florida and it is going to be a hot one!  If you are like me, then you should have received your energy bill in the mail this week.  Typically, I wait until the last day to open my bill because of the agony of the amount.  Not this time though.  I was excited to open it, I wanted to see the difference letting an ‘OWL” into my house made!

I know what you are thinking, “He let an owl into his house to fly around?  How is that going to save money?”  I was thinking the same thing when I first heard of “The OWL”, but soon realized that it was the best thing I had done in a long time to reduce my energy consumption.  I was like everyone else a few years back before coming to work for Synergy Foam.  In an effort to reduce my energy bill I replaced my doors and windows, put new insulation in my attic, and even replaced my air conditioning with a high SEER unit.  All of these helped a little bit, but the cost far outweighed the benefits.

What is The OWL, and how can it help me?

Wireless Energy Monitor

“The OWL” ( is a wireless energy monitoring device that allows you to “See” your energy usage in real time!  This device connects into your main breaker box and monitors the amount of energy being used by your home.  The OWL then receives this information and shows you on the screen in real time how much energy is being used.  Turn on a light, and the screen shows the new energy consumption.  Turn off the light, and the screen shows the new energy usage!

In my household, we turned this into an energy scavenger hunt!  We put The OWL on the dining room table, and went room by room turning off everything we could find, and then would race back to see the results!  Then we found a card in the box The OWL came in, and went through the steps one by one to find additional energy savings.

We continued this for thirty days.  Every time we walked by The OWL, and noticed the number, we would go find what was causing the increase and shut it off.  We were amazed at how just a little shift in our daily process made a difference!  In our first month of use, we saved almost $50 on our energy bill!

If you would like more information about “The OWL,” please leave a comment below, or call Synergy Foam at 904-398-5551.  We offer The OWL for sale as part of our “Energy Savings” package.  Put one in your home today and get started on the path to energy savings!