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Read what some of our satisfied customers have said about Synergy Foam!  If you have a testimonial you would like to leave, please click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page.

[/blox_text][/blox_column][/blox_row][blox_row][blox_column width=”1/1″][blox_testimonial][blox_testimonial_item author=”K.J.”]Kyle Kirby is a consummate professional. He was always very easy to reach via phone and email and returned calls within a few hours at most. Their first crew came and removed the existing insulation from the attic. I was a bit worried about this because the insulation was the old fiberglass roll-up kind, and I was worried that there would be fiberglass debris everywhere when they were done, but that wasn’t ? at all the case. I could detect no dust or fiberglass anywhere. Then once the attic was cleaned another crew came back out and sprayed the attic. As with the first crew, these guys cleaned up after themselves very well and my home is noticeably cooler. I cannot express enough how utterly professional these folks were. I *highly recommend* this company to anyone considering insulation.[/blox_testimonial_item][blox_testimonial_item author=”Arlen Bowen” position=”Customer”] I went with the other Demilec authorized sprayer. Boy was I sorry as the other vendor only removed 25% of my insulation and did not remove the plastic vapor barrier. They did not spray down to the soffit to create a seal. They also did not spray the correct thickness and left me with high heat and humidity. Vince saved my house he came in and made things right. Bottom line, do your own quality control, and find someone you can trust like Vince. Don?t be fooled by the guy on the radio. Look for references and call me before you go with anyone else. Hear my story before you go anywhere else Arlen Bowen 904 282-0629[/blox_testimonial_item][blox_testimonial_item author=”Scott L”] Kyle…an amazing difference the foam made, our floor is warm even today, it would have been ice cold with out it. can’t wait to see our utility bills, our heating unit is actually cycling instead of running nonstop. Thanks, [/blox_testimonial_item][blox_testimonial_item author=”Konnie H”] Thank you so much for making my house so much more comfortable. It was cold in the winter humid and breezy. Now my feet stay warm on my hardwood floors no more drafty feelings much tighter feel to the house. Wish I would have done this along time ago. Don’t have my first electric bill yet but I’m sure there will be a difference. I don’t see my air come on nearly as much. Thank you thank you.[/blox_testimonial_item][blox_testimonial_item author=”Mike D”]Quotes Last spring we were looking for a better way to insulate our house. Kyle from Synergy was our second estimate. He showed up on time, was very professional yet personable, and had the best estimate. The product was as described and is saving us money as I type. We live in a 40+ year old block house that had very poor insulation in the attic. The first month of summer we noticed an $80 price drop in our electric bill from the previous year. These savings have continued for the past ten months. There were a couple hiccups during the installation of our foam. None of which would curb me from recommending these guys to anyone. All of my complaints were remedied in a short time.[/blox_testimonial_item][blox_testimonial_item author=”Doug R”]Vince, thank you for the fine job your crew did. The ceiling repair is excellent in the den. There is one light fixture that needs some attention and Kyle said he will take care of that in the near future. No rush. We notice a remarkable difference in the comfort level in our home already.The warm days we have had would have required the a/c on numerous times in the past. With the thermostat at 76, it rarely cycles now.[/blox_testimonial_item][/blox_testimonial][/blox_column][/blox_row]