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When considering a spray foam supplier, the owners of Synergy Foam agreed that their choice would be made with the consumer in mind.  After several conversations with different suppliers and Technical Representatives, our operations manager  became evident that our Spray Foam supplier was the company that would continue to be a front-runner in the spray foam industry.  Here are a few reasons why we chose the spray foam supplier:

  • Made in the U.S.A – It is manufactured in the United States, in Arlington Texas.  Many of the main spray foam suppliers manufacture their products outside of the United States.
  • Low Smoke Output – our Spray Foam has one of the lowest smoke development indexes.  Our open cell has a smoke index of around 250, whereas most spray foam suppliers smoke index is 450.  This means that in the event of a fire, the spray foam insulation in your home would release half as much smoke as the other brands that are installed in the market.
  • Technology – Our spray foam insulation is a solution compared to other manufacturers spray foam that is an emulsion.  This simply means the foam has a better shelf life, better adhesion, and less chance for errors during the install.
  • Accessibility – Our spray foam has local representatives in your market, available to answer any questions that you may have about their products, and about any of the certified installers that are in your area.
  • Low VOCs – Our Spray foam is GREEN GUARD Certified for Children and Schools.  This shows a commitment to indoor air quality.

Synergy Foam is an authorized and certified spray foam installer for many spray foam suppliers.  In addition to Synergy Foam’s quality assurance program, we proudly participate InSeal-Right Quality Assurance Program.  This program ensures the highest standards are met when it comes to the installation and representation of different lines of spray foam insulation products.

Synergy Foam proudly installs the following Spray Foam products:

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